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why so many?

I'm very passionate about writing but a large part of that comes from worldbuilding. I'm a daydreamer, a serial escapist, and an adventurer at heart. I love fantasy because it lets me get away from the real world for a while. I'm boring but my worlds sure aren't.

I've been worldbuilding for as long as I can remember. I probably have a dozen fully thought-out worlds and a hundred half-baked ones. I even wrote a speech about it (and won a contest for it) :p

which way...

a familliar affair.
Magical girls with animal sidekicks. They have matching outfits and it gives me serotonin.

My post-apocalyptic campaign setting for D&D.

claws that remain.
I have never grown out of my Warrior Cats phase and now look where we are.

neo neo.
I stopped playing Neopets but can't let go of my pets so I dumped them into this comic book inspired world.

wide wanderer.
A writing and worldbuilding project with the goal of creating an anthology series set in a unique world.


I watch these channels for help and inspiration. Really great to just put on a video and listen in the background too!

stoneworks worldbuilding. - Great guides on geography and his minecraft worldbuilding server is good for inspiration.

tale foundary. - Talks about these obscure (at least to me) books that are great for inspiration.

hello future me. - Awesome long-form video essays about writing and worldbuilding that are perfect background sounds for work.

brookes eggleston - character design forge - Art tips for cool character design. Great for fantasy races and art tips in general.

runesmith - Mostly comedic D&D stuff but great for inspiration for other works as well.

artifexian - Uses real science to help build fictional worlds.

james tullos - Critiques fantasy novels for their worldbuilding and has a worldbuilding guide series too.

wasd20 - A D&D mapmaker and a major inspiration for my love of fantasy cartography.

mariah pattie worldbuilding - Talks about her worldbuilding in depth and she loves fashion in particular and I think thats a part of worldbuilding that is often overlooked.

worldbuilding notes - Short videos with unique worldbuilding snippets that never fail to inspire me every time.

matthew colville - D&D guides but his worldbuilding streams helped me a lot, especially for pantheon building.

shadiversity - Great inspiration for medieval fantasy and has some ttrpg campaign and worldbuilding guides.

weltengeist - Detailed videos about their world.

aquilifer worldbuilding - Detailed videos about their world and their thumbnails are cool.

leo leonis - Fantastic mapmaker and talks about their world in detail.

nakari speardane - Talks about her world in detail and I love her art style.

four crows - Great ideas in his worldbuilding that inspires me a lot.

joriam ramos - Worldbuilding and writing exercises in every video.

just in time worlds - Goes in depth about different aspects of worldbuilding.

terrible writing advice - Goes into difefrentt writing tropes and calls them out.

the templin insitute - Talks about different worldbuilding, mostly scifi, and has guides as well.

camelworks - Elder Scrolls and Fallout lore, useful for inspiration.

fudgemuppet - A lot of Elder Scrolls and some Fallout too, has great podcasts about it.

team darkside's mh lore - Examines monsters in Monster Hunter trhough the perspective of an actual in-character hunter, really good for inspiration.

keenan taylor's tales of kaimere - Talks about their worldbuilding that involves prehistoric creatures, dinosaurs, sabertooths, and speculative fiction oh my.


The real world feels so much smaller when I'm in my head.

Current Project? working on Claws that Remain